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Economic Trips

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Economic Trips

Since the global economic recession has started, we are all cutting costs and saving money, but what will happen to our travel habits? We still can travel and visit dream destinations, consult us and we will tell you how to save best on trips!


Paying the least for hotel rooms

Simply searching in selecting the cheapest hotel room from a certain company that you just come across and believe offers the best solution is pretty naive, so to speak... Trip Tonix shares practical tips and offers you advice on how to minimize your spendings on hotel nights!


Packing to save on the trip

Economy travel doesn't just mean booking cheap travel services, but also behaving economically. Did you know that even packing can save you cash? Indeed, if you knwo how and what to pack, you will spend less on your holiday... Let us tell you how in this little article!


Hunting for Last Minute Deals

Written about late booking deals, this article offers you very detailed information, advice about how you can reduce your travel expenses by exploiting the opportunities posed by the last minute discounted offers. Your expenses can be up to 75 % smaller! Check this article out!


Put Together a Solitary Short Escape

If you like to travel alone, then some practical advice wouldn't harm at all. Learn about the advantages, possibilities, the dangers and precautions to take when travelling alone. Either as a lonely adventurer, backpacker, businessman, student or photographer traveler, etc., this article is for you!


Obtain Cheap Flights

Now that the recession has kicked in you have to revise your plans and techniques you used in the past when searching for flights. Check this article for advice on searching for cheap airfares and you might just find a good tip that'll help you spare in these difficult times!


How to find the cheapest low cost airline tickets

You might have noticed that the famous low cost airlines have a high volatility in prices. If you are not careful, you might end up paying more on a fare from them than if you'd fly with a conventional airline. Trip Tonix gives you useful advice on how to find the cheapest low cost airfares.


Exploiting seasonal tourism to your advantage

Smart travelers are like hunting dogs. They sniff out the best opportunities when prices drop and hit down on the fares... Seasonal travel offers great opportunities that the vast majority of travelers miss. Simply: you will have to book at the end of the season in order to spend less. Find out how to get the best prices in this article!


Extremely cheap student group travel solutions

Students are the most enthusiastic about travelling. If you are a student and very very low financially, then you should know that there are some great opportunities for you out there if you team up with other travelers (e.g. colleagues, friends, family...). We advise you on how to travel in group and spend the least!








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