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Obtain Cheap Flights

Most travelers simply find a site or a travel agents and after short investigation pick the cheapest price on an airline flight. But it that enough? No!

Spend less on flights, consult us and you will always fly cheaper!

Airfare Resources

Online travel agents

Local and major agents offering services to clients throughout the World are at your fingertips if you are connected to the internet.

Many flights, but few choices on low cost airlines. Many charter flight possibilities, though.

What is best about travel agents is that they give many last minute discounts, so if you are late, then you are in for a big surprise: price cuts!

These sites also have another advantage: they give you discounts if you book services together. Example: flight with hotel, flight with rental car and so on...

Examples of such sites: Expedia, Hotwire, Travelocity, Orbitz, Cheap Tickets, Priceline, Low Fares.


Fare comparison sites

Fare Target, Fare Compare, FareCast, Booking Buddy, SkyScanner are pretty much the best choices you have.

These sites allow you to search and compare the prices of multiple airlines and travel agencies.

You select the cheapest offer that you find adequate for your requirements.

How do these airfare comparison sites survive? They earn commissions from the companies they refer clients to. Also, they can earn from advertisements placed on their pages.

You'd better check these sites first, as they give you the widest choices possible, but if you look carefully, sometimes the prices are slightly higher than if you'd book for the ticket directly from the airline. This is because of the added commission.

What we recommend is for you to look up the flight and then note the price. After that, go to the airline's site or the airline's office and ask them about the price of that specific flight. It might be cheaper in many cases, then you should book.


The conventional airlines

The "usual breed" of carriers. We were used to them before the appearance of low cost airline travel. They have higher fares, but better schedules and more connections to airports and airlines. Comfort if better than with low fare airlines, but the costs are generally higher.

Lately some, especially the small regional airlines have adopted cost-effective functioning techniques, processes in order to reduce operational expenses. Thus, making the flights cheaper, attracting more people like you and me and coping better with the competitor low fare or "no frills" carriers.

There are 3 major airline alliances in the World: Sky Team, One World and the Star Alliance. When you book connecting flights, it can be cheaper when boarding a partner airline when you have to change. In other words: if you have to get off at an airport and swap planes, you'd better travel further with the airline's partner.


Low cost airlines

Most of them sell airline tickets online exclusively. You have to pay with a bank card, PayPal or other ways and then print out what will become your "ticket".

As mentioned in the phrase above, these airlines are cheaper, but comfort is poorer on their aircraft. Less leg and elbow room, heavy fees on excess luggage, airports served are distant from the nearest cities, schedules uncomfortable, few connecting flights, if any.

Some of these low fare carriers do the following thing: they increase the levels of fares as time goes by. The earlier you book, the cheaper. The more you wait, the higher the price will be. Therefore, there are very very few last minute deals on low cost flights.

The aim of these carriers is to fill the planes. They know that people tend to book rather later than very early, so therefore the increasing fares. Very early published fares are the cheapest ones, but few people will book 3-6 months ahead. most of us don't eve know if/when/where we will travel. So, many of us will decide to book about 1 month before, but then the prices are much higher. If possible, plan ahead and book well ahead!

Search techniques

Here are several things that you must always try out, regardless where you search:


Advance booking: especially in the case of low cost airlines, this ensures lower prices

Last minute booking: especially in the business segment and in the case of the conventional airlines it can spare you cash, but sure is risky!

Classes: economy class has various subcategories, some might call them "economy restricted", this often means no onboard meals, etc.; some airlines have these...

Check the published deals, promotional offers: some agents might try to attract the attention by reducing the prices on a selected few flights, make sure to check them out!

End season offers: destinations frequented during certain periods are cheaper accessible if you book at the end of the season (the best end season is early autumn)

Try different dates: prices of fares vary tremendously, more than you might expect, so check out different dates for travel

Try different hours: night flights are cheaper than daytime flights

Try different dates: prices of

Check alternate airports: connections might be poorer, but the flight price is usually cheaper than to a large international airport

Travel in a large group: some travel agents offer discounts if you bring many travelers to them, but unfortunately you will have to get together a fairly large group for discounts


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