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Rare Destinations

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Rare Destinations

Places rarely visited, yet jam-packed with unique attractions.

We are taking a look at these great places that are still a mystery to most travel enthusiasts. So, if you're hunting places "where nobody travels", then check these travel guides!


Andorra Travel Guide

This small state is cramped between France and Spain and often doesn't even appear on Europe's map. It's a beautiful place you need to discover!


Belize Travel Guide

Belize is a small Central American country stuck right under e


Ceuta Travel Guide

Spanish enclave in Africa that most people don't eve know exists! Ceuta can be an interesting experience for a day or two. Read the article for more info about it!


Curaçao Travel Guide



Gibraltar Travel Guide

Belongs to the UK, but is a tiny autonomous territory just on the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula. Has caves, beautiful views, monkeys and a lot more!


Greenland Travel Guide



Lithuania Travel Guide

Former eastern block country, rich in culture and with an emerging economy. Lithuania is famous for its beautiful churches, friendly city streets and more!


Marquesas Islands

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Macau Travel Guide

It is the gambling center of Asia, much like Las Vegas is of the USA and Monte Carlo of Europe. Check out what to see and what to do in Macau!


Madeira Travel Guide

A mountainous Atlantic archipelago belonging to Portugal, close to Morocco. It has a higher percentage of green vegetation than Finland and offers dreamlike views!


New Caledonia

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San Marino Travel Guide



Trinidad and Tobago Travel Guide

Discover this wonderful small island country located just off the coast of Venezuela!


Uruguay Travel Guide

Especially the capital of Montevideo offers beautiful views, has interesting architecture and friendly people. Read about it here...


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