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Ceuta, Spanish enclave in Morocco

It is an enclave belonging to Spain, located on the Moroccan Mediterranean coast.

The tiny autonomous city only has 28 sq km with 78.000 inhabitants.

Attractions of Ceuta

The royal fortress is truly impressive with its massive walls and moat. You should visit it when/if in Ceuta.

Walking in the city can also be an interesting experience, the older buildings are very beautiful, as the churches as well...

There is a building called "Casa de los Dragones", which is an interestingly decorated old building, which once belonged to a casino company.

7 major churches are also among the "must see" attractions of this tiny enclave.

Interesting to know

- Ceuta became Spain's primary port in terms of traffic

- the autonomous city of Ceuta and other Spanish north African territories are disputed between Morocco and Spain; Morocco has repeatedly pointed out to the case of Gibraltar to support its claim, but Ceuta's population and Spain vehemently opposed the idea; Ceuta has been a part of Spain since the 1600s.

Travel risks & precautions

- theft is less of a problem here than on continental Spain or Morocco

- illnesses, epidemics are frequent in northern Africa, especially parasitic diseases, varieties of illnesses spread by insect, especially flies and mosquitoes, diarrheic diseases and of course, malaria pose major risk to the traveler

- we recommend at least malaria vaccination before travelling to Ceuta, but receiving anti hepatitis B vaccination is also advised

- avoid animals of any kind, rabies are a common problem in northern Africa and there are scorpions too


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