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Gibraltar, "The Rock"

A tiny land belonging to the United Kingdom, located on the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula.

Seldom visited by tourists, this location is a unique place offering splendid views, yet it is difficult to get there.

Even today, Gibraltar is disputed between Great Britain and Spain. Only in 2006 did Spain start regular flights to Gibraltar. Even so, reaching the "Rock", as many call it, can be rather difficult. Few flights are available and the majority of them from London, Madrid, Malta.

Only 29.000 people live here, but there are enough facilities for tourists and it can be a great experience visiting this tiny, but interesting place.

Gibraltar Attractions

Of course, the famous "Rock of Gibraltar" mountain is the primary attraction. It is a 426 m high cliff with a particular shape. Its unique form has become the main symbol of Gibraltar. The material of the "Rock" is limestone, therefore the light colour. It has green cover on top and on many parts around it and even has a cave: "St. Michael's Cave", which can even be reached by car. A beautiful place full of stalactites, which attracts about 1 million visitors every year.

Other attractions that we must mention are: the Moorish Castle, the Alameda Botanical Gardens, the Gibraltar Highest Point (425 m high), from up there you can see a splendid view over the territory and also meet a bunch of monkeys, then there's also the Main Street of Gibraltar (a good place for shopping, drinking a coffee, etc.), the Gibraltar Upper Galleries (on/in the "Rock").

Interesting things you should know

- Gibraltar is a tiny autonomous British Overseas Territory, only Monaco, the Pitcairn Islands and the Vatican are smaller

- the airport is the closest in the World to the city that it serves, located at a mere 500 m from the city centre

Travel risks & precautions

- security in Gibraltar is quite all right, no particular risks, you should feel safer than in London or Paris

- stay away from the macaques (monkeys around the cliff), they can spread diseases through bites, scrapes


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