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Uruguay, the quiet eastern Republic

This country is rarely mentioned on travel portals and few agencies offer trips there. Uruguay is rather "quiet", while the rest of South America gets more exposure due to the periodic festivals, political conflicts, abundant travel attractions and wild nature. This country doesn't get enough exposure in the media and for this reason, travelers are less documented and don't think about it as a dream destination. But, Uruguay has some interesting attractions to offer and it is time for you to discover it!

About 3,5 million people live in this country which has a size close to Cambodia's. Interestingly about half of the population lives in the capital (Montevideo) city rea.

What to see and do in Uruguay

Visit the Playa Brava beach in the city of Punta del Este, you can enjoy the typical services offered at a beach, enjoy a swim in the water.

Montevideo, the capital is especially interesting, it holds most of the attractions, it is also the main gateway to the country. Visit the Plaza Independencia and admire the old buildings around.

For crystal, mineral and gemstone enthusiasts, Uruguay is a good place for shopping. Agate, amethyst and other semi-previous stones can be found in the mines of the country and the specialized shops are full of them.

If you have the chance to see the shoreline, in case you can rent a car or if you travel by ship or yacht, then be on the lookout for lighthouses. Uruguay is full of them and some of these towers are architecturally attractive.

Interesting things about Uruguay

- Uruguay was the first country to win the Football World Cup in 1930

- the official name of this state is "República Oriental del Uruguay", meaning "Oriental Republic of Uruguay"

Travel risks & precautions

- take advice from your doctor and get documented about illnesses occurring in this part of South America; among these, most frequent in Uruguay are: dengue hemorrhagic fever, cholera, diarrheic diseases, various waterborne and airborne diseases, etc.

- theft and even kidnapping is a problem in South America, therefore Uruguay can also be dangerous, but not as dangerous as Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia or Brazil; ATM robbery, armed gangs, pick pocketing and even street assault are very common in Montevideo and the large cities especially


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